The Advanced CEA Estate Agencies System (ACEAS) has replaced the Estate Agencies System (EAS) from 31 July 2021. This is a new licensing and registration system that provides a better user experience for industry stakeholders with enhanced system capabilities, streamlined processes and a more intuitive interface.

Click here to read more on the key features of ACEAS. 


Estate Agents Functions (For Corporate) 

For Key Executive Officers (KEO) and designated persons from estate agents with Corppass account, please log in to e-Services via “Login Using Singpass (for Corporate)”. You can:

  • Have a quick overview of the EAs active application details and the status of these applications – there will be key statistics on pending actionable items
  • Get notified via email on the EA’s application status
  • Submit the EA’s renewal application along with the Director/Partner renewals
  • Submit new salesperson applications (including switching and renewal applications). Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • Submit new director/partner applications
  • Remove directors/partners
  • Submit Add KEO applications
  • Cancel salesperson registrations
  • Cancel the EA’s licence 
  • Submit the property transaction records of your salesperson(s). Please refer to this Property Transaction Record user guide (PDF, 2,736KB).
  • View/update EA information
  • View/update KEO and director information
  • View/update salesperson information
  • Manage authorised users (e.g. add, update or delete users)
  • View CEA invoices
  • View CEA Circulars
  • Make e-payment for the EA’s applications using GIRO, credit card and PayNow 

Salespersons Functions (For Individuals) 

For individuals with a Singpass account, please log in to e-Services via “Login Using Singpass (For Individuals). You can:

  • Have a quick overview of all your active application details and the status of these applications.  This includes checking on your eligibility for renewal.
  • Submit new, switching and renewal salesperson application forms 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Matters

Key Executive Officers, salespersons and CPD course providers will continue to use My CPD Portal to manage CPD training records. Visit the CPD microsite for the following CPD matters. 

CPD Microsite

  • You can find information on the CPD Framework, CPD Guidelines and the related FAQs.
  • View the list of upcoming Professional Competency CPD courses from the CPD course directory

 Key Executive Officers

  • Check if your salespersons have the fulfilled the CPD requirements. 
  • Update and/or approve CPD attendance for Generic Competency CPD courses. 


  • Check your fulfillment of the CPD requirements. 
  • Submit your CPD attendance for Generic Competency CPD courses. Submit course ratings for Professional Competency CPD courses you have attended. 

Course Providers

  • Submit course applications for Professional Competency courses. 
  • Submit salespersons’ CPD attendance and consolidated course feedbacks for Professional Competency CPD courses.
  • Manage CPD trainers’ records.

How it works

Log in with your Singpass for Individuals/for Corporate to access these e-Services.

You can register for a Singpass account if you do not have one.

To use corporate services on e-Services, you have to register for a Corppass account if you do not have one.

If you have any questions on the ACEAS workflows or encounter any technical problems, please refer to this set of FAQs (PDF,101KB). We have also prepared an ACEAS user manual (PDF,16.5MB) for the industry.