Tips of the Month

The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) started the Tip of the Month initiative in January 2019. 

This was a suggestion we received when we conducted a survey among readers of CEAnergy, CEA’s quarterly corporate e-newsletter, in 2018. Our readers, who are primarily property agents, requested for CEA to share, on a more regular basis, practice tips and useful information that agents can apply in their day-to-day work.

CEA took up the suggestion and sent all registered agents a monthly email tip featuring answers to common questions that agents have regarding our regulations and guidelines, or a practice pointer.

The Tips of the Month can now be found in the new CEAnergy blog under Tools & TakeawaysVisit now to get tips and guidance to help you with your estate agency work.



December Check the Do Not Call Registry before sending marketing messages (PDF, 175KB)
November Can my clients use “Sign with SingPass” for property transaction documents? (PDF, 139KB)
October Giving your clients advice on financing? Remember these points (PDF, 277KB)
September  Make sure you know these guidelines when using CEA’s prescribed forms (PDF, 1030KB)
August Let your online ads create a good impression of you (PDF, 285KB)
July Get ready for the annual renewal exercise (PDF, 293KB)
June Conveying offers and expressions of interest (PDF, 230KB)
May Protecting the interests of vulnerable clients (PDF, 223KB)
April As a salesperson, how do I keep safe (and busy!) given the COVID-19 situation? (PDF, 656KB)
March What type of monies are salespersons allowed to handle in a property transaction? (PDF, 817KB)
February What constitutes dual representation (PDF, 300KB)



 December Can I represent myself or my relatives in a property transaction (PDF, 797KB)
 November New CPD framework from 1 October 2019 (PDF,1.06MB)
 October From 1 Jan 2020: New requirements to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing in property transactions (PDF, 757KB)
 September Considering a short break before practising estate agency work again? (PDF, 688KB)
 August What property agents should know when collecting their clients NRIC numbers (PDF, 546KB)
 July A simpler renewal exercise in October 2019 (PDF, 711KB)
 June What property agents should note when engaging personal assistants (PDF, 482KB)
 May Use standard tenancy agreement templates for residential rental transactions (PDF, 599KB)
 April What to note when putting up advertisements for your clients (PDF, 596KB)
 March Revised guidelines for marketing foreign properties (PDF, 591KB)
 February Avoiding and managing conflict of interest situations (PDF, 588KB)
 January Be professional and sensitive when conveying your landlord-client’s preferences for tenant profiles (PDF, 590KB)