CPD Guidelines for Course Providers

All course providers seeking to conduct CPD courses related to Professional Competencies will need to obtain prior approval from CEA. Courses that do not meet the criteria will not be approved and cannot be claimed as a Professional Competency CPD course.

In developing CPD courses for Professional Competencies, course providers should customise every course to meet the specific needs of salespersons in their professional development. Course providers should not dilute the course content of Professional Competencies by bundling such contents with Generic Competencies.

Who can apply to be CPD course provider for Professional Competencies?

Eligible CPD course providers for the real estate agency industry include the following:

  1. Government Agencies
  2. Local Tertiary Institutions
  3. National Continuing Education & Training (CET) Centres
  4. Real Estate and Related Industry Associations 
  5. CEA Approved Course Providers (ACPs)
  6. Estate Agents

CEA reserves the right to register a CPD course under CEA's CPD scheme based on its own discretion. CEA also reserves the right to withdraw the recognition if a course organiser fails to comply with the conditions prescribed.

How to submit for approval

Each Professional Competency CPD course application will be charged a prevailing assessment fee of $392.40 per application (inclusive of 9% GST). Course providers are required to submit to CEA the detailed course content for each Professional Competency CPD course application, CV of trainers and briefing materials. CEA may ask for presentation from providers on their proposed activities before approval and award of CPD credits.

Please refer to the list of relevant CPD documents for reference. 

  1. CEA CPD Guidelines for CPD course providers
  2. Standardised Post-Course Evaluation Form
  3. Consolidated Feedback Report Template
  4. CPD Course Application Process Flow Chart (Professional Competencies)
  5. My CPD Portal User Guide for Course Providers