Report an Estate Agent/Salesperson

CEA looks into complaints against licensed estate agents and registered salespersons in their conduct of estate agency work, as well as entities and individuals suspected of conducting unlicensed estate agency work.

CEA is unable to attend to complaints between you and other parties, such as landlords or tenants, as it is beyond our legal powers to do so. For such matters and disputes regarding property management, you should seek your own legal advice.

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    For monetary and contractual disputes with a property agent, you may wish to use the Dispute Resolution Scheme if you have signed one of CEA’s Prescribed Estate Agency Agreements with your agent. Alternatively, you may also wish to seek your own legal advice.

    If you are unsure whether the dispute falls under CEA's purview, you may call CEA's customer service hotline at 1800 643 2555 for assistance.

    Filing a complaint

    It is important that you provide the following information (not limited to)

    • Your full name (as in NRIC / Passport)
    • Address and contact number
    • Copies of all relevant documents e.g. Estate Agency Agreement with the estate agent or salesperson* concerned, the Option to Purchase, and the Sale and Purchase Agreement, etc.

    (*Note: Under the Estate Agents Act (Cap.95A),"estate agents" refer to estate agency businesses (sole proprietors, partnerships, and companies) or individuals who do estate agency work. Estate agency businesses are commonly known as property agencies. "Salespersons" refer to individuals who perform estate agency work. They are commonly known as property agents.)

    Your complaint must

    • Be specific
    • Include the name, business address and contact numbers of the estate agent or salesperson
    • Contain a brief description of the complaint

    Before lodging a complaint, do have the relevant supporting documents and your SingPass login and password ready. After logging in to our e-service with your SingPass account, some of the fields in the complaint form will be auto-populated with your personal information from MyInfo. 

    You may lodge your complaint to CEA by completing the complaint form. Saved drafts will be kept for 7 days from the date of creation.

    For further enquiries on how to lodge a complaint, please call our toll-free line at 1800 643 2555.


    • CEA may inform the estate agent or salesperson being investigated of the complaint details as well as the name of the complainant.
    • If you wish to remain anonymous, CEA may at its discretion treat the information you have supplied as feedback or take such actions as may be appropriate.
    • Furnishing of false/misleading items/documents/statements is an offence under s182 of the Penal Code, Cap 224 and may be subject to prosecution. Upon conviction there may be a fine not exceeding $5,000 or imprisonment of 1 year or both.