Real Estate Agency Examination Syllabus

The course curriculum and materials developed by the Approved Course Providers for the exam preparatory courses shall adhere to the REA examination syllabuses endorsed by CEA. 

Please note that the REA examination syllabus has been revised in Jan 2015 and will apply for the Jul 2015 and subsequent REA examinations.

The revised syllabus will provide clearer elaboration of the expectations of REA examination requirements. Similar to the RES syllabus, the revised REA examination syllabus has more detailed elaboration on the relevant topics to enhance practical knowledge. Learning outcomes and expectations of cognitive levels for each learning outcome is introduced in the revised syllabus to facilitate ACPs and REA examination candidates to better appreciate the level of understanding that is required for each topic.

Improvements have also been made to the organisation of the topics in the revised REA examination syllabus by grouping related topics together for better flow. The scope and topics to be covered in each Paper has been refined as follows:

Paper 1 Covers the legal framework of real estate
Paper 2 Focuses on the knowledge for carrying out estate agency work, such as marketing, knowledge of various regulations and policies when dealing with different types of properties, financial assessment, etc
Paper 3

Covers the knowledge and skill sets for managing and operating an estate agency business

New topics such as 'Ethics', 'Service Quality' and 'Branding' have been introduced in Paper 3 to provide for knowledge in managing an estate agency business. Some topics have been moved from one paper to another for better organisation, for example 'Knowledge of CPF Act & HDB schemes' (essential for estate agency work) is moved from Paper 3 to Paper 2, and 'Set-up of business entity and legal requirements' is moved from Paper 1 to Paper 3. As the REA examination syllabus builds on the foundation of the RES examination syllabus, topics which are already covered in RES and not elevated to a higher cognitive level in REA are not reflected in the revised syllabus. Table 2 below shows the list of topics in the old and revised REA examination syllabus (PDF,524KB).

List of Topics under the Old & Revised REA Examination Syllabuses

Old REA Examination Syllabus Revised REA Examination Syllabus
Paper 1 - Legal Framework of Real Estate Paper 1 - Legal Framework of Real Estate
Unit 1: Land Law and Registration 1.1: Law of Real Property
Unit 2: Law of Contract and Tort 1.2: Law of Agency and Regulation of Estate Agencies
Unit 3: Estate Agency Practice
1.3: Law of Contract and Contract for Sale / Lease of Land
Unit 4: Law Relating to Lease Transactions
1.4: Law of Tort
Unit 5: Law Relating to Property Taxations
Unit 6: Law Relating to Planning & Conservation
Unit 7: Companies Law
Paper 2 - Real Estate Assets and Market Paper 2 - Estate Agency Work and Relevant Real Estate Knowledge
Unit 8: Real Estate Market
2.1: Real Estate Market and Submarkets
Unit 9: Real Estate and Other Forms of Investment 2.2: Marketing of Properties
Unit 10: HDB Properties
2.3: Property Transactions
Unit 11: Private Residential and Commercial/Industrial Properties
2.4: Relationship with Other Professions and Services
Unit 12: JTC and Other Properties
2.5: Additional Real Estate Knowledge
Paper 3 - Real Estate Agency Practice and Regulations Paper 3 - Governance, Management and Operations of Estate Agency Business
Unit 13: Estate Agents Act 2010 and Estate Agency Practice
3.1: Estate Agent Organisation and Licensing
Unit 14: Principles of Real Estate Marketing 3.2: Ethics
Unit 15: Business Development and Office Management
3.3: Management of Salespersons
Unit 16: Real Estate Finance and Analysis
3.4: Governance, Management and Operations
3.5: Service Quality and Dispute Resolution
3.6: Marketing and Branding

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