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Buying or selling a property is a critical decision and major milestone for many individuals in their lifetime.

The Council for Estate Agencies’ (CEA) consumer outreach efforts aim to equip consumers with better knowledge on how they can liaise more effectively with their property agents, and to enhance their awareness of the responsibilities of both property agents and consumers. 

We adopt a multi-channel approach in sharing our messages with different audiences across various platforms.

We encourage consumers to take a shared responsibility in achieving smooth property transactions by familiarising themselves with the relevant processes. This will enable consumers to make informed decisions for themselves and achieve the best outcomes in their transactions.

Ultimately, we want consumers to have a positive experience for their property transactions based on trust with their agents, and to achieve the best outcomes for all parties. 

Here are some articles that you may be interested in: 

Engaging a property agent

Article Title  Publication  Year 
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Property agent commissions

Article Title  Publication  Year
Why is there no fixed commission rate for property agents in Singapore? Dollars and Sense  2019
Property agent commissions: What Singaporeans might not know Money Smart 2017 

Buying an overseas property

Article Title  Publication  Year
QUIZ: Which of these gorgeous countries should you buy property in? (PDF, 356KB) Mothership 2017

Real Estate Industry Transformation Map

Article Title  Publication  Year
Transformation of the real estate industry - your questions answered! 2018