Switching Estate Agent

When a real estate salesperson (RES) decides to join another estate agent (EA), he will have to indicate his wish to switch EA and submit a switching request to his current EA. The current EA can choose to either acknowledge the switching request in ACEAS before it is routed to the receiving EA, or let ACEAS automatically route it to the receiving EA after a period of time. The receiving EA will then have to support the request. Thereafter, the RES will be able to log into CEA’s e-services to fill in and submit the switching application to the receiving EA. The receiving EA will have to verify the application and submit it to CEA. Please refer to the image below for an illustration of the workflow and process.


Note: CEA will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to process an application that meets all requirements, upon receiving all the required supporting documents and payment of applicable fee(s). 

With effect from 1 June 2021, CEA has ceased charging the registration fee of $230 when a RES switches from one EA to another within his current registration period.

This applies to applications received by CEA from 1 June 2021. Each switching application will continue to be subjected to the 1application fee for RES registration. To ensure that professional standards are upheld across the industry, CEA will conduct the relevant checks to verify and ensure that the RES continues to meet the registration requirements, before CEA grants the RES registration under the receiving EA. 
1The application fee for RES registration is $50 (GST exempt).  

Download the FAQs on ceasing of registration fee for RESs switching EAs (PDF,102KB). If you have any questions on the ACEAS workflows or encounter any technical problems, please also refer to this set of FAQs (PDF,101KB).