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HDB flats

Buying a flat
Equip yourself with information and procedures about buying a flat, including eligibility schemes, resources to help you plan your finances, and what the market conditions are.

Selling a flat

Get useful information what you need to know and consider before you sell your flat, from eligibility conditions, procedures, costs involved to market data.

Renting a flat
Find out details on how you can rent a flat from existing owners in the open market, including current regulations, tenancy matters, and rental fees involved. 

Renting out a flat/bedroom
Find out about the eligible conditions where you can rent out your flat or bedrooms.
HDB Flat Portal
The HDB Flat Portal is a platform to buy a flat from HDB in a sales exercises, a resale flat from the open market, and find out more about the different loan options.
HDB Map Services
Get useful information on HDB housing matters and locations of HDB’s flats, car parks, shops and businesses.
A website by HDB on HDB sale launches and articles on buying, financing and renovating your flat.


Private properties

Buying private residential property
Familiarise yourself with the factors and considerations and view transaction data before buying a private residential property.

Renting a private residential property
Familiarise yourself with information such as minimum stay period and occupancy cap, as well as check rental data, before renting or renting out a private residential property.

URA Space

A web-based map service that lets you access detailed information like land use and private property-related information.

Using CPF to purchase a property

Public Housing Scheme 
Find out how you can use your CPF Ordinary Account savings to buy new or resale HDB flats.

Private Properties Scheme 
Find out how you can use your CPF Ordinary Account savings to buy private residential properties in Singapore for occupation or investment.

Online calculators
Access various calculators that will help you plan your finances if you decide to use your CPF savings for your housing needs.

Legal advice

Community Legal Clinic
Free basic legal advice provided by the Law Society of Singapore.

Other useful information

Integrated Land Information Service (INLIS)
A one-stop portal by the Singapore Land Authority which allows you to obtain property and land survey information such as property ownership information and survey plans for a fee.

Stamp duty information

Find out the stamp duty basics for property from and if you are liable to pay.

Green Mark Building Directory
Check this directory if you are looking to purchase a property that has been certified as environment-friendly and sustainable by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

Quality Housing Portal
This BCA-managed portal provides a platform for homebuyers to search and compare quality scores of developers and contractors in areas including workmanship in structural works, architectural works, and mechanical and electrical works against the industry average.