Apply for the Real Estate Salesperson Examination

Important notice (as of 10 Feb 2020):

The Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) was raised to Orange on the evening of 7 Feb 2020, and has remained at the level as of 10 Feb 2020. In view of the higher level of public health threat posed by the COVID-19, CEA has cancelled the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Examination on 22 and 23 February 2020. Candidates will receive a notice from SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC) on the cancellation and instructions on the refund of examination fees.

Please bookmark this page for the latest updates on the conduct of the RES examination during this period.


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About the RES Examination

The RES examination is the entry level examination for new entrants who wish to practise as salespersons in the real estate industry. Under the new regulatory framework, one of the criteria for salespersons' registration is the requirement to pass the mandatory industry examination. This is to ensure that new entrants to the real estate agency profession possess a basic level of competency and knowledge about the real estate agency industry and property related matters.

The RES examination is administered by CEA's appointed examination administrator, SEAMEO Regional Language Centre. Candidates who wish to register or find out more about the RES examination may contact our appointed examination administrator at:

    SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC)
    Tel no: 6734 1292
    30 Orange Grove Road
    Level 3 RELC Building
    Singapore 258352

Important notice:  It has come to CEA's attention that there are businesses and individuals offering revision and coaching classes to pass the RES examinations. Please note that the list of CEA Approved Course Providers (ACPs) are limited to those found on our website. All other entities not in the list are not endorsed by CEA. Candidates should be aware of the risks involved when attending such classes, including the potential propagation of inaccurate information.

RES Examination Requirements

a. Candidates will need to attend and complete the RES Course conducted by a CEA Approved Course Provider before applying for the RES examination. They will be issued with the Certificate of RES Course Completion after they have completed the RES course, subject to a minimum attendance rate of 75%. Candidates are required to submit a copy of this Certificate of RES Course Completion when they register for the RES examination.

b. The Certificate of RES Course Completion has a validity period of 2 years for the purpose of determining eligibility to take the RES examination. Candidates are eligible to take the RES examination within 2 years from the completion date of their RES Course. Beyond the validity period, candidates will be required to attend and complete the RES course again before they are eligible to take the RES examination.

c. Candidates must meet the minimum educational requirement of at least 4 GCE "O" Level passes or equivalent when they register for the RES examination. Candidates are required to submit a copy of their qualification certificate for verification by CEA's appointed examination administrator when they register for the RES examination. CEA accepts combined GCE “O” level results taken at not more than 2 sittings.

d. Candidates who wish to submit their qualifications (e.g. overseas qualifications or private diplomas) for assessment by CEA to determine if they would meet the educational qualification requirement may do so through the Approved Course Providers (ACPs) they intend to enrol for the RES course. An administrative fee of $64.20 (inclusive of GST) is payable for each application submitted.

Candidates must fill up the CEA Educational Qualification Assessment Request Form and attach all supporting documents, and they must also produce the original documents to ACP for verification. The CEA Educational Qualification Assessment Request Form is available at all ACPs. CEA will inform the candidate of the outcome of qualification assessment.

Candidates must submit the notification outcome of CEA qualification assessment and a copy of their qualification certificate when they register for the RES examination.

e. Applicants who have attained Level 5 and above for the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) assessment in these 5 components (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Numeracy) will be recognised to have met the minimum qualification requirement of 4 GCE "O" level passes. Find out more about the WPLN Assessment (PDF,935KB), and register at the British Council.

f. Candidates may refer to CEA's appointed examination administrator's website for more details on the rules and regulations for the RES examination.

RES Examination Schedule

The schedules of RES examinations for 2020 are as follows:

 Day & Time  Month of Examination
Sat & Sun
(9.30am - 12.00pm)
Feb, Jun, Oct

Refer to the latest updates on the RES examination schedule and registration closing dates.

RES Examination Fees

RES Examination
Examination Type Examination Fee (Include GST)
Full Sitting (2 Papers) $417.30
Modular Re-Sitting (1 Paper) $235.40

Note: Modular Re-Sitting is only applicable for candidates who have passed at least one paper of the RES examination. Examination fees are subjected to revision and may be changed without prior notice.

RES Examination Passing Marks

Passing mark for each examination paper is 60% and is subject to review by CEA.

RES Examination Results Notification

Candidates who have taken the RES examination will receive an email notification from CEA's appointed examination administrator informing them of their examination results 4 - 6 weeks after the examination.

Appeal for Review of RES Examination Results

Appeals for review of RES examination results must be submitted to CEA's appointed examination administrator using the prescribed forms provided within 5 working days from the date of the notification of examination results. A non-refundable fee of $64.20 (inclusive of GST) is charged for the review of each examination paper which goes toward covering the cost of reviewing the answer script.

The review process involves a review of the marking and a re-check of the awarded marks. The final result of the appeal is based on the outcome of the review.

We would like to assure candidates that CEA has put rigorous processes and checks in place to ensure the accuracy of the results when they are first released. Hence, there is a very low possibility that the result will be different after the review.

Candidates will be informed in writing of the outcome of the appeal within 14 working days from day of submission of appeal. Candidates will not be shown their answer scripts.

Validity of RES Examination Results

All RES course participants are required to pass the RES examination within 2 years from the date of issuance of the RES course completion certificate. Candidates with a partial pass in the RES examination are required to pass the remaining paper(s) within the 2-year timeframe. Should they fail to do so, the partial pass in the RES examination will not be valid and candidates will have to re-take the RES course before attempting the full RES examination again. 

Upon passing the RES examination, the candidate will be issued the RES examination certificate. If the candidate wishes to join the real estate industry as a salesperson, he/she must submit his/her salesperson's registration application through a licensed estate agent within 2 years from the month of the examination which he/she sat for and passed, failing which the examination results will no longer be valid for salesperson registration purposes. 

For example, if the candidate has passed the May 2016 RES examination, the validity of his/her RES examination results for his/her salesperson's registration application will be till 31 May 2018. This is the final date by which the candidate's registration application must be submitted by a licensed estate agent to CEA Licensing Division. Upon the expiry of the RES examination result, the candidate will need to retake the RES course and RES examination should he/she be interested to join the real estate agency industry as a salesperson.

RES Examination Rules

The RES examination is administered by CEA's appointed examination administrator, SEAMEO Regional Language Centre ("RELC"). Candidates may refer to RELC's website for the full listing of examination rules and regulations. 

Below are some of the important examination rules that candidates are reminded to note: 

  1. The RES examination commences at 9.30am. Candidates are reminded to be punctual. Candidates who arrive at the exam registration counter after the 15 minutes grace period (i.e. 9.45am) will NOT be allowed to sit for the examination. No refund of the examination fee will be given to the candidates.

  2. Candidates are not allowed to carry their mobile devices during the examination. All mobile devices must be switched off (No vibration or airplane mode is allowed) and placed at the designated area in the examination hall. Any candidate found to be in possession of their mobile devices during the examination may be disqualified from the examination and/or barred from taking future examinations.

  3. All copies of the questions and examination papers are the property of CEA and must be returned to the invigilator at the end of the examination. Recording of the examination questions in any form is strictly prohibited. Any candidate who is found to have recorded the examination question and/or leaves the examination hall with the examination paper will be immediately disqualified from the examination and reported to CEA. CEA reserves the right to bar the candidate from future examinations.

  4. CEA and RELC take a serious view on cheating during the examination. CEA reserves the right to bar any candidate attempting to gain an unfair advantage in the examination (whether by breaching an examination regulation or otherwise) from future examinations.

Candidates who do not turn up for the examination would be considered "absent" and fail the examination. CEA may consider requests for deferment only under the following circumstances:

  1. Hospitalisation on the day of examination
  2. Bereavement of next of kin
  3. National Service duties

An administrative fee of $107 (inclusive of GST) will be levied on each examination deferment application, which can be made up to five working days after the date of examination. Candidates approved for deferment may attempt the next examination only.