Real Estate Salesperson Examination Syllabus

The course curriculum and materials developed by the Approved Course Providers for the examination preparatory courses must adhere to the RES examination syllabus endorsed by CEA.

The current RES examination syllabus was revised and took effect from 1 Jan 2017. 

The list of sample RES examination questions are updated on 1 Jan 2019. More information on how the questions are related to the RES examination syllabus, such as the Competency Unit, Learning Outcome and Cognitive Level are included in each sample question. This is to provide greater clarity on the level of difficulty expected for each topic and guides candidates in their preparation for the examination. Please note that the information in the sample questions are accurate as at 1 Jan 2019.

Candidates will not be tested on Government policy changes announced or implemented within one month before the RES examination.


RES Examination Syllabus 2017 (PDF, 870KB)

Sample RES examination questions (as at 1 January 2019) (PDF, 507KB)