Real Estate Salesperson Examination Syllabus

The course curriculum and materials developed by the Approved Course Providers for the examination preparatory courses must adhere to the RES examination syllabus endorsed by CEA.

Minor revisions were made to the RES examination syllabus in June 2016. RES examinations will be set based on the revised syllabus from 1 January 2017. 

The scope of topics covered in the revised syllabus remains the same. We have regrouped some of the topics between Paper 1 and Paper 2 for better organisation of the topics, so that candidates are assessed on related topics in the same paper. Law related topics will now be covered in Paper 1 while topics relating to the regulation of the real estate agency industry and the roles and functions of real estate salespersons (also known as property agents) will be covered in Paper 2. The table below shows the details on the reorganised topics.


RES examination syllabus 2013 (PDF,707KB)

Revised RES examination syllabus effective from 1 January 2017(PDF,309KB)