Log in with your Singpass for Individuals/for Corporate to access these e-Services.

You can register for a Singpass account if you do not have one.

To use corporate services on e-Services, you have to register for a Corppass account if you do not have one.

Estate Agents Functions (For Corporate) 

For Key Executive Officers (KEO) and designated persons from estate agents with Corppass account, please log in to e-Services via “Login Using Singpass (for Corporate)”. You can:

  • Submit the property transaction records of your salesperson(s) [click here for video guide]
  • View/update estate agent information
  • View all application submission
  • View/update KEO and director information
  • Submit new director application
  • Removal of director
  • Submit change of KEO application
  • Manage authorised users (e.g. add, update or delete users)
  • View/update salesperson information
  • Submit new salesperson application
  • Removal and termination of salesperson
  • View CEA invoices
  • View CEA Circulars
  • Submit "Change of Company Name" application
  • Terminate estate agent

Salespersons Functions (For Individuals) 

For individuals with SingPass account, please log in to e-Services via “Login Using Singpass (For Individuals). You can:

  • Submit new salesperson applications with the application form initiated by an estate agent.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Matters

Visit the CPD microsite for the following CPD matters.

 Key Executive Officers/Salespersons

  • Track your CPD fulfilment
  • Update non-core CPD attendance
  • Check upcoming core CPD courses

Course Providers

  • Publicise upcoming core CPD courses
  • Update core CPD attendance
  • Submit new courses
  • Manage courses