The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) (房地产代理理事会) was formed on the 22nd October 2010 as a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development.

Established under the Estate Agents Act 2010, CEA is empowered to administer the regulatory framework for the real estate agency industry. In addition, CEA is committed to raise the professionalism of the real estate agency industry through collaborative efforts with the industry on professional development programmes and protect the interests of the consumers through targeted public education schemes.


Our Vision:

A professional and trusted real estate agency industry.


Our Mission:

To raise the professionalism of the real estate agency industry and safeguard consumer interest.


Three Broad Strategies:

#1: Regulate effectively to foster a well-disciplined real estate agency profession.
#2: Collaborate with the industry to spearhead professional development.
#3: Educate consumers to keep them better-informed.


Our responsibilities are:

  • Administer the licensing regime for estate agents, including the registration of salespersons applied through licensed estate agents;
  • Regulate and control the practice of estate agents and salespersons in estate agency transactions;
  • Promote the integrity and competence of estate agents and salespersons through the Code of Practice, and Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care;
  • Equip consumers with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions in real estate transactions involving salespersons with due diligence;
  • Conduct investigation and disciplinary proceedings in relation to offences and unsatisfactory conduct or misconduct in relation to estate agency work; and
  • Administer the examination and continuing professional development framework.