Date Event
 5 May 2020 Passing of the Estate Agents (Amendment) Bill at Parliament House on 5 May 2020

CEA celebrates its 10th anniversary


CEA 10 anniversary logo

 1 Oct 2019 Implemented new CPD framework 
 Jul 2019 Started the development of our new estate agencies system
 26 Mar 2019 Organised first CEA Estate Agency Industry Conference "Charting new frontiers: Keeping the estate agency industry relevant" 
 4 Jan 2019 Implemented Phase 1 of the Transaction Records Initiative (TRI) on salespersons' transaction records 
 8 Feb 2018 Launched Real Estate Industry Transformation Map 
 1 Feb 2018 Implemented paperless registration application process for salespersons 
 18 Aug 2017 Launched "My CPD Portal" for salespersons 
 Jun 2017 Improved complaint and feedback management workflows 
 Jun 2016 Introduced certificate courses to equip salespersons with knowledge to handle commercial, industrial & foreign property transactions
 Apr 2016 Revamped CEA corporate website and launched new CPD microsite 
 10 Dec 2015 Embarked on Business Process Re-engineering for CEA's processes 
 22 Oct 2015 CEA celebrated its 5th anniversary
 Jan 2015 First inspection on anti-money laundering (AML) & countering the financing of terrorism (CFT)
 29 Oct 2014 Piloted e-learning web application on ethical advertising 
 Feb-Mar 2014 Focus group discussions with salespersons on issues faced while performing estate agency work
 24 Oct 2013 Implemented CPD Training Roadmap for KEOs and Salespersons 
 27 Apr 2013 Organised CEA-CASE Consumer Seminar 
 26 Apr 2013 Launched Professional Service Manual for estate agents and salespersons
17 Oct 2012 Launched CEA@SG mobile app 
 Aug 2012 Launched first issue of e-newsletter CEAnergy 
 Mar 2012 Conducted first Public Perception Survey 
 Mar 2012 First successful disciplinary case
 18 Oct 2011 First KEO Seminar on 'Raising Professionalism & Service Quality' (PDF,308KB)
 Jun 2011 First successful court prosecution case
 1 Apr 2011 Launched Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme 
 1 Jan 2011 Launched the Public Register of estate agents and salespersons
 Nov - Dec 2010 Conducted first mass licensing and registration exercise for estate agents and salespersons 
22 Oct 2010 CEA commences operations
Oct 2010 Industry session to brief on key operational issues in preparation of new regime
15 Sep 2010 Parliament passed Estate Agents Bill to set up the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA)
16 Aug 2010 First reading and introduction of the Estate Agents Bill in Parliament by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development
Aug 2010 3rd round of Industry Consultation Sessions with key stake holders
May 2010 2nd round of Industry Consultation Sessions with key stake holders
Oct - Nov 2009 Public Consultation on the real estate industry regulatory framework
Sept - Oct 2009 1st round of Industry Consultation Sessions with key stake holders