Project ADEPT

As part of the Jobs & Skills pillar and the Resilience pillar of the Real Estate Industry Transformation Map 2025, the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) collaborated with the real estate agency industry stakeholders and academics on a joint study, Project ADEPT (which stands for Advancing and Enhancing Professionalism and Training), in August 2021 to review and enhance the entire Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ecosystem. The aim is to have a CPD ecosystem to support property agents to raise professionalism, provide quality service to their clients and be future-ready.

The joint CEA-Industry workgroup released its report and recommendations for the industry to give feedback over a three-week period from 22 March 2023 to 11 April 2023. The feedback period closed on 11 April 2023 with 87 responses received.

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 Infographic Summary of Recommendations by Project ADEPT Workgroup       Full Report by Project ADEPT Workgroup                                                                
             Infographic Summary of Recommendations by Project ADEPT Workgroup


                 Full Report by Project ADEPT Workgroup



CEA has accepted and will implement all eight recommended measures put up by the Project ADEPT workgroup, with a modification to the first recommendation by increasing the annual CPD training to 16 hours for a start. CEA had taken the industry’s feedback into consideration and decided that the targeted increase in CPD requirement to 24 hours could be phased in gradually for property agents to adapt to the changes. Hence, the increase in the annual CPD requirement for registration renewal will be adjusted to 16 training hours with effect from October 2025, which will be reviewed after a few years to further raise it to the targeted 24 training hours.

As announced at the Singapore Estate Agents Conference held on 19 May 2023, the eight measures will be implemented under three key thrusts:

  1. Raising the professionalism of property agents and preparing the real estate agency industry for the future;
  2. Enhancing the quality of CPD training for property agents; and
  3. Promoting a continuous learning mindset amongst property agents.

Once implemented, the measures will further support the Real Estate ITM 2025 to build a real estate agency industry that is professional, productive and resilient.

The new measures are tabulated below:


 3 Key Thrusts and 8 Measures
Raising the Professionalism of property agents and Preparing the Industry for the Future  Enhancing the Quality of CPD Training for property agents Promoting a Continuous Mindset amongst property agents

1. Higher CPD requirement for registration renewal

 5. New and tighter accreditation criteria and course instructional design requirements for CPD courses
2. Reconfigure CPD requirement to recognise more forms of CPD activities for both structured and self-directed learning


 6. New audit framework for CPD courses  
 3. Training requirement in Prescribed Essential topics for property agents  7. Greater transparency of course participants' feedback  
 4. Differentiated learning paths to better support the industry's diverse learning needs  8. Stackable modules and specialised courses that lead to certification


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  • Presentation by the Council for Estate Agencies at the Singapore Estate Agents Conference on 19 May 2023
  • Explainer video on new measures to enhance the CPD ecosystem