Key Enforcement Statistics

The following table highlights the information/statistics relating to CEA's investigation outcome and enforcement action taken against property agencies and agents. 

Table of Enforcement Action

Enforcement Action 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021 
Letter of Advice/Warning Served

Refers to cases where the offence is assessed to be less serious, and a warning letter was issued as a warning to offenders who have committed ethical breaches or criminal offences under the EAA and its subsidiary legislation.

Disciplinary Committee (DC) action

Refers to cases heard before the CEA Disciplinary Committee.

The DC can revoke, suspend, attach new conditions or vary any existing condition attached to the registration or licence of a RES or EA respectively and/or impose a financial penalty of up to $100,000 for RESs and $200,000 for EAs per case. The DC may also admonish or reprimand the RES or EA in writing.

Court Prosecution

Refers to cases heard before the Court.

The Court may convict and impose a fine and/or imprisonment on offenders who committed an offence under the EAA or its subsidiary legislation, up to the maximum prescribed statutory limit for the offence.

 Total  280