Uplifting the Industry through Digitalisation

The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) is committed to partner and support the real estate agency industry in its transformation journey. The aim is to build a more robust and professional ecosystem that continues to add value to the economy, and inspires trust with consumers. 

CEA has been partnering with the industry to roll out enablers that will empower real estate businesses and professionals through digitalisation today, so that they can be ready to seize opportunities tomorrow.

Digitalisation enables the real estate agency industry to…


Optimise efficiency and productivity
Raise capabilities

Raise capabilities and professionalism

Seize new opportunities in the digital economy
Improve business processes

 Improve business processes

Customer Satisfaction

Enhance service excellence to clients

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Deepening Capabilities

SMEs Go Digital Programme

Supporting businesses to adopt pre-approved digital solutions to meet the specific needs of the real estate agency industry



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Chief Technology Officer-as-a-Service 

Supporting businesses to understand their digital readiness, identify relevant digital solutions based on their business needs, and get in-depth digital advisory and project management services from qualified consultants

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Enterprise Development Grant
Supporting projects to help businesses upgrade, innovate or venture overseas

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Driving Innovation

Checklists and standard contract templates
Creating competitive advantages and promoting greater efficiency 

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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Enabling you to conduct due diligence checks with greater assurance 

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Sign with Singpass service
Offering your clients a secure option of signing agreements electronically at their convenience

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Open Innovation Platform

Receiving innovative solutions for your unsolved business challenges

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Find out how some property agencies are transforming to better compete in a changing environment