Estate Agents Pledge


About the Estate Agents Pledge

The Estate Agents Pledge demonstrates the Estate Agents’ commitment to delivering professional and trusted services to their customers.

As part of the Council for Estate Agencies’ 10th anniversary celebrations, CEA crafted the Pledge in consultation with several industry stakeholders. The Pledge is inspired by the progress the real estate agency industry has achieved in the last 10 years and the possibilities it can aspire towards in the next decade.


Estate Agents Pledge_BlackThe hand on heart and open door symbolises the Estate Agent’s commitment to its customers and real estate salespersons in the property transaction journey.

The four windows represent the four tenets of the Pledge – trust, professionalism, service and governance.

Gold embodies the Estate Agent’s continuous drive to achieve the highest standards in professionalism and service excellence, in partnership with the Council for Estate Agencies.            


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The Pledge

 As members of the real estate agency industry in Singapore, we, pledge to:

 • Put our customers’ interests first; 

 • Upgrade the skills of our real estate salespersons and support them to achieve higher standards of service; and

 • Pursue good governance to conduct estate agency work responsibly

so as to build a more professional and trusted real estate agency industry. 


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Pledge your commitment

Pledge your commitment today.

Download (ZIP,733KB) the Estate Agents Pledge logo and Terms of Use.

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Pledge signatories

#, A-E

123Got Realty Pte Ltd
3L Realtors Pte Ltd
AAM Realty International Pte Ltd
ABBA Realty Pte Ltd
Act Link Realty
Adhome Realty
Admiralty Development Management Pte Ltd
AKG Realty Pte Ltd
Alister & Lee Properties
Allenby Property & Services
Amazon Properties
Ancient Nature Home Properties
Anderson Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Ang & Associates Realty Pte Ltd
ANZ Realty
APM Property Management Pte Ltd
Arcadia Consulting
Art Realty Pte Ltd
Asia Premier Property Consultants Pte Ltd
AsiaLink Realty Pte Ltd
AsianPrime Properties Pte Ltd
Asiapac Real Estate Services Pte Ltd
Aspac Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Aspect Realty
Assured Realty Networks
Atom Realty
Avant Garde Realty Pte Ltd
Aw Property Group
B K Housing Agent
Barnwell Enterprises Pte Ltd
Bay Properties Pte Ltd
Bell M. Properties Pte Ltd
BJ Property & Associates
Bowen Distribution Pte Ltd
Brilliance Capital Pte Ltd
BusinessSuite Pte Ltd
C&H Properties Pte Ltd
Capital S8 Pte Ltd
Capitaland Retail Management Pte Ltd
CBRE Pte Ltd
CCN Realty Pte Ltd

Centaline (Singapore) Property Pte Ltd
Central Blue
Century 21 Pte Ltd
Chambers International Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Champ Millennium Pte Ltd
Chris International
Circle Elf Realty
Citi Commercial Pte Ltd
CitiONE Properties
Citiprop Property Management Pte Ltd
Citycove Properties Pte Ltd
Cityhomes Pte Ltd
Colliers International (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Cosgrove Realty
CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd
Credence Properties
CRM Property Consultant
CS 2000 Housing Pte Ltd
C-Suite Real Estate Investment Pte Ltd
Cushman & Wakefield (S) Pte Ltd
D M Realty & Enterprises Co
Dalvey Property Management
Deans Realtors Pte LTd
Derek Ling Realty
DESS Property Centre
DG Properties
Domicile Pte Ltd
DP Property Services
Dynamic Asset Consultancy Pte Ltd
Eastview International Group Pte Ltd
Edmund Tie & Company (SEA) Pte Ltd
EM Real Estate Pte Ltd
Engie Property Services Pte Ltd
Equity Property Advisors Pte Ltd
ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd
E-Realty Consultants
Everton Estate Pte Ltd
Excel Active Properties Pte Ltd
Exon Property Pte Ltd
Expat Realtor Pte Ltd

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Far East Real Estate Agency Pte Ltd
FER Properties Pte Ltd
Finchley Realty LLP
First Realty Pte Ltd
Forward Properties Pte Ltd
Foster Realty Pte Ltd
Francis Tan Realty Pte Ltd
Franklin Shanks Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Friendly Real Estate Agency Pte Ltd
Fujiya Associates Pte Ltd
Galaxia Group
Gateway Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Gatsby Properties
GEC Properties Pte Ltd
GenTrade Capital
Global Real Estate Exchange Pte Ltd
Golden Estates Agency
Gold-link Realty Pte Ltd
Good-Day Properties
Gregory Tan Realty Pte Ltd
Haohaoguo Realty Pte Ltd
Hilton Realty & Interiors
Home Equity (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Home of the Elites Pte Ltd
Horizon Real Estates Pte Ltd
Huttons Asia Pte Ltd
HY Realty Services
Hy Yang Realty & Consultancy Pte Ltd
Icon Connection
IDO Realty Services
IMS Property
Inspireon Real Estate Pte Ltd
International Property Advisor Pte Ltd
Islandgate Real Estate
J Corporate (S) Pte Ltd
J Hunters Consultants Pte Ltd
JH Realty
Jie Sheng Housing Agency Pte Ltd
JK Properties
Jones Lang Laselle Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Jones Real Estate Agency Pte Ltd
Jusco Realty

Jonsen Realty Pte Ltd
KF Property Network Pte Ltd
Kiong Chai Woon & Co Pte Ltd
KJ Realty
Knight Frank Pte Ltd
Koeyuko Realty
KPC Properties Pte Ltd
KTZ Realty LLP
L J Property Consultants
Land & Space Property Consultants
Landers Real Estate
Landmark Housing Pte Ltd
Landmax Property Pte Ltd
Landvin Pte Ltd
LengSernChew Housing Agency
LHG Properties Pte Ltd
Ling Marketing Services
List International Realty Pte Ltd
Lit Realty Management
Lock Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Loggins Enterprise
LondonGold Realty
M.REN Real Estate
Mascot and Company
MEGALink Home Services Pte Ltd
Melco Property Collection Singapore Pte Ltd
Midas Home Investment Pte Ltd
Mindlink Groups Pte Ltd
Miracles Realty Group Pte Ltd
Mission Network
Newsman realty Pte Ltd
NICA Realty
Nixon Real Estate Pte Ltd
Ohmyhome Pte Ltd
OK.BC RealEstate Management & Consultants Services
OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd
OrangeTee Overseas Properties Pte Ltd
Orion Property Consultants Pte Ltd

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Pacific Homes Relocation
Pal Realty
Pennylane Properties Pte Ltd
Petra Property
PHDC Investments Pte Ltd
Pinetree Marketing & Consultancy
PND Property and Development Pte Ltd
Premium Properties Pte Ltd
Prime Asset Property
Prime Asset Property Consultant Pte Ltd
Prime Estate Consultant
Primelink Realty International Pte Ltd
Primeview Properties Pte Ltd
Promotional Plus Marketing
Properties Connections
Property Magnum Pte Ltd
Property Planner Pte Ltd
Property Vision & Management Pte Ltd
PropNex Realty Pte Ltd
Propseller Pte Ltd
Proreal Realty
Quality Real Estate Services
R H Property Pte Ltd
Ray International Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Ray International Real Estate Pte Ltd
RE Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd
REA Realty Network Pte Ltd
Real Centre International Pte Ltd
Realstar Premier Group Pte Ltd
Realty Agency Pte Ltd
Realty International Chartered Services
Realty One Group Life Style Pte. Ltd.
RealtyOne Singapore Pte Ltd
Regal Property
Regent Associates Pte Ltd
Relic Property Consultants
RENE Realty
Renren Property Services Pte Ltd
Reyfern Real Estate Consultancy Pte Ltd
RHT Realty Pte Ltd
Richlink Properties
Ripton Realty Pte Ltd

Royal Housing Enterprise
Sakal Real Estate Partners Pte Ltd
Sandhurst Realty
Savills (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Savills Residential Pte Ltd
Senturion Real Estate Pte Ltd
SEPE (S) Pte. ltd
Shinoken & Hecks Pte Ltd
Showsuite Consultancy Pte Ltd
Sing Kong Real Estate
Singapore Estate Agency Pte Ltd
Singapore Property House Pte Ltd
Skysuite Properties Pte Ltd
Solid Rock Properties Pte Ltd
SRI Capital Market Pte Ltd
SRI Pte Ltd
Starts Singapore Pte Ltd
Stephen Ooi Realtors International
Sunchest Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Tania Properties Services Pte Ltd
Teamy Properties Pte Ltd
Teligen Properties
Tenant CS Private Limited
The One Property Services
Tijaya Holdings Pte Ltd
TKG Property Pte Ltd
Trainado Company LLP
Tristar Properties Pte Ltd
TZN Pte Ltd
UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd
Velocity Pte. Ltd.
Waren Plus Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Weida Realty
West Land
WGR Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Wild Wild West Properties Pte Ltd
WJ Lloyd Properties
WJ Lloyd's Realtors (S) Pte Ltd
X-traco Property Management Services
YHB Services Pte Ltd
YK Realty Consultants
Younique Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Your Estate Specialist LLP
Zest Property Services Pte Ltd

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