Using more tech tools in property transactions increases client satisfaction

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Nov 2022 - 3 min read

The findings from CEA’s 2021 Public Perception Survey (PPS) provide a useful gauge on consumers’ satisfaction towards the services rendered by real estate salespersons (RESs). The survey findings also allow CEA and the industry to better understand the progress of the industry in delivering professional service to property consumers.  

This blogpost zooms in on the use of technological tools in property transactions. It is the first in a series of blogposts where we delve deeper into the survey findings and share how the industry can continue to meet evolving consumer expectations.

What the 2021 PPS findings tell us about the use of technology in property transactions 

Consumers are increasingly accustomed to technology being an integral part of their everyday lives. With the COVID-19 pandemic further accelerating digitalisation trends, they are now even more aware of the convenience and value it brings.

The 2021 PPS findings show that the use of technological tools in property transactions has a direct, positive impact on consumer satisfaction of their RES’s services. 

Consumers are also expecting RESs to employ more digital tools in facilitating property transactions, from marketing properties to closing deals.
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How CEA is supporting the industry

Through various initiatives under the Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025, CEA supports the industry’s digitalisation efforts by assisting estate agents (EAs) to identify opportunities to use technology to improve their business processes, RESs’ productivity and provide better and faster services to property consumers. Small and medium-sized EAs can consider adopting available industry specific digital solutions and programmes under the various initiatives

How the industry can respond

As consumers’ preferences continue to evolve and expectations increase, it is important for the real estate agency industry to press ahead with its digitalisation journey, upgrade the knowledge and competencies of RESs, and build trust-based relationships with clients. 

Here are some steps that the industry can take as CEA partners you on your digitalisation journey: 

For EAs

  • Build an organisational culture that embraces technology and innovation.
  • Explore programmes such as the SMEs-Go-Digital programme and Chief Technology Officer-as-a-Service that provide support to help you kickstart your digitalisation journey or enhance your business process through digital solutions. Visit this link on our website on the funding available for digital enablers. 
  • Continue investing in digital tools that your RESs can use when interacting with clients and conducting in-house training to equip your RESs with digital skills.
  • Create platforms for your RESs to share their digital knowledge with their peers, e.g. appoint “Tech Champions” in your EA who can promote the benefits of using tech tools and help other RESs use these tools.  

For RESs
  • Focus on building your digital skills and capabilities, either by signing up for your EA’s in-house or other CPD courses. 
  • Take steps to learn more about digital tools available, so that you can use them to and offer your clients more personalised and professional advice and services. Incorporate these tools into your work to boost your productivity, and maximise the in-person contact time with your clients with value adding services. 
  • Share your knowledge on the use of digital tools with your peers. 

    Information accurate as at 16 Nov 2022

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