SkillsFuture Study Award for the Real Estate Agency Industry

Applications for the 2019 SkillsFuture Study Award for Estate Agency Industry are now closed. If you are interested to find out how you can leverage the range of programmes and resources available to help Singaporeans master new skills and pursue lifelong learning, please visit SkillsFuture Singapore’s website for more information.

Property transaction processes (including estate agency work) are facing fundamental shifts due to technological disruptions and evolving consumer expectations. Property agents who are able to differentiate themselves by being more professional and providing value-added services for their clients are less likely to be disrupted.

The Council for Estate Agencies has been working with the real estate agency industry to enhance the competencies of industry practitioners to remain competitive and relevant through its Continuing Professional Development framework and the SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace programme.

The SkillsFuture Study Award for the Estate Agency Industry is an extension of this effort in support of the Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (ITM). The award provides an agent with the opportunity to enroll in a course to acquire relevant skillsets and competencies to upskill and enhance the level of professionalism. 

Supported courses

The list of supported courses is non-exhaustive. Applicants may submit other courses which CEA may consider on a case-by-case basis.

 Course  Institution

Master of Science (Real Estate)


National University of Singapore

Master of Business Administration – Master of Science (Real Estate) Double Degree Programme (MBA-MRE-DDP)
Master of Science in Business Analytics
Master of IT Business (Financial Technology and Analytics)  

Singapore Management University

Master of IT in Business (Analytics)
Master of Finance programme  

Singapore University of Social Sciences

Graduate Diploma in Financial Technology programme


Who is eligible?

  • Singaporeans with 3 to 5 years of work experience in the real estate agency industry.
  • Committed to broadening or deepening skills relevant to the industry.
  • Currently enrolled in or granted admission into any of the supported courses. 
  • Must not have completed the course of study at the point of application.
  • Course fee must be more than $5,000.
  • Not a previous recipient of any SkillsFuture Study Award, or a recipient of a full sponsorship provided by a company, Government agency, or any other entity for the selected course.

How to apply?

To apply for the SkillsFuture Study Award, visit the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) webpage to submit your application online.

The application period for the SkillsFuture Study Award for the real estate agency industry closes on 30 November 2019. ‚Äč

Evaluation Process

All applicants will be evaluated on their suitability for the Award, based on the strength of their applications. The evaluation process will take about 6 to 8 weeks after the closing date. Successful applicants will be notified. The fulfilment of all eligibility criteria does not automatically guarantee that the application is successful. We seek your understanding that we are unable to disclose the reasons for rejecting any applications.

To find out more about the SkillsFuture Study Award for the real estate agency industry, visit the SSG webpage.

If you have other enquiries on Study Award, email us at

Frequently-asked questions

1) Will the SkillsFuture Study Award recipient be expected to serve a bond?

The award recipient will not need to serve a bond but he must complete his course of study within the maximum candidature period.

2) Do I need to be nominated by my employer for the SkillsFuture Study Award?

You do not need to be nominated by your employer for the SkillsFuture Study Award. Your application for the Study Award will be assessed based on the eligibility criteria.

3) What are the evaluation criteria for the SkillsFuture Study Award?

Applicants will be assessed based on the eligibility criteria set out above and the courses should be relevant to the needs of the real estate agency industry or job functions.

4) Is there a minimum course fee and duration to be eligible for the SkillsFuture Study Award?

The fee for the selected course must be more than S$5,000. Applicants can take reference from the list of supported courses provided above. However, the list is non-exhaustive and applicants may submit other courses for CEA’s consideration.

5) Can I receive the SkillsFuture Study Award more than once?

Each individual can only receive the Study Award once. This provides opportunities for more Singaporeans to benefit from the initiative.