New digital solutions to make managing documents and submitting transaction records more efficient

Apr 2022 - 3 min read 


If you are …

  • operating a small or medium-sized estate agent (EA);
  • looking for digital solutions that can help you better manage property transaction documents and submit your real estate salespersons’ (RESs) transaction records to the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) more efficiently; and 
  • thinking of ways of how you can work smarter, reduce costs and improve your relationship with your clients 

… you may want to consider two newly launched digital solutions designed to help you and your RESs work more effectively.  

CEA, in partnership with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG), has introduced two new digital solutions for the real estate agency under the SMEs Go Digital Programme:

Eligible EAs may receive up to 70% funding support from the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for qualifying costs if they decide to adopt the digital solutions. 

How RealtyPromote can help you

How RealtyPromote can help you

One of RealtyPromote’s features is enabling EAs to manage transactions including e-contracts (Image: CommercePromote Pte Ltd)

RealtyPromote is a cloud-based enterprise-level agency management solution by CommercePromote Pte Ltd. It aims to help EAs: 

  • Reduce operations cost
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Improve customer relationships

The solution’s features enable EAs to:  

  • Manage transactions including e-contracts
  • Manage finances including billings and commission payouts
  • Conduct e-marketing 
  • Generate business reports, including sales performance of individual RESs
  • Export the relevant information of their RESs’ property transaction records into CEA's template for submission to CEA 

RESs can also manage documents, e-submit transactions, and generate earnings reports using the solution. 

How Redoc can help you

How Redoc can help you

The inventory management function in Redoc provides users the convenience to manage their database of properties with the ability to upload pictures and floor plans (Image: Real Estate Doc Pte Ltd) 

Redoc is a smart cloud-based document management platform by Real Estate Doc Pte Ltd. It aims to help EAs: 

  • Digitalise and streamline their workflow 
  • Close deals faster and manage their business
  • Increase business flow through digital automation and reduce business turnaround time

The solution’s features enable users to: 

  • Create contracts with templates and smart fields
  • Facilitate digital signing of contracts with Sign with SingPass and video-conferencing
  • Manage client records including tracking and retrieving past transactions and setting follow-up reminders
  • Manage inventory of listings flexibly (e.g. upload photos and floorplans) 
  • Generate real-time data insights on business performance

The solution also allows EAs to download their RESs’ property transaction records into CEA's template for submission to CEA. 

Getting more information 

Do contact the vendors directly if you would like more information on the two digital solutions above. 

The CEA website features a dedicated page on the SMEs Go Digital programme where you can learn more about other digital solutions that are available for adoption with PSG funding support. These include other sector-specific solutions tailored for the real estate agency industry as well as solutions that can be adopted across different industries in areas such as accounting management, customer relationship management and human resource management.  

There are also specific sections on the page that provide details on the eligibility criteria for funding as well as the steps on the application process

We have also put together a guide and Frequently Asked Questions for EAs on the SMEs Go Digital Programme at this link

Information accurate as at 29 April 2022

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