Taking the digitalisation plunge pays off for this boutique real estate agency

Oct 2021 - 3 min read

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Being in the real estate agency industry, Mr Richard Jany, Key Executive Officer and Director of Janys Real Estate Pte Ltd, is always on the lookout for new technologies that would enhance the way he engages his clients. 

He said: “Today’s clients and real estate salespersons (RESs) expect fast and efficient documentation. This is especially so for residential property leases, as landlords could be based overseas and the parties involved in the lease transactions could be in different physical locations. Therefore, I was on the lookout for a system to digitalise property lease documents on any mobile device.”

Mr Jany shared that after reviewing some digital solutions, he decided on Redoc.co as the solution is “intuitive, quick, responsive and easy to sign on a mobile device - which was my main prerequisite. More importantly, they were willing to assist, listen to feedback and implement suggestions for improvement”.

Redoc.co is a smart, cloud-based document management platform developed by Real Estate Doc Pte Ltd. It enables users to fully automate sales processes and close deals faster with a complete digital workflow; manage documents and inventory flexibly; and get real-time data insights on business performance. 

Having purchased the software in March this year and with the system being operational in May, Mr Jany said that reliable after sales support meant that the transition was fairly seamless. He is also glad to have received funding support under the SMEs Go Digital programme of 80% to purchase the software. “This was a huge push factor, so I didn’t even think twice. Without it, I would probably procrastinate and defer the expenditure.” 

Providing an example of the benefits since he started using Redoc.co, Mr Jany said that the system has saved him a lot of time and minimised errors especially in tenancy documentation. 

“Now I just send clients a link which they can click to open and sign. The system sends reminders and creates an audit trail, with time stamping records of each signature,” he explained. 

Reflecting on his agency’s digitalisation journey, Mr Jany revealed that he is now on the lookout for a web-based solution to track marketing activities that would allow clients of listed properties to log in and view the number of enquiries received as well as the comments made by potential viewers. In this way, his clients with listed properties would get an unbiased and objective view of the interest received for their properties.

“Just do it! Smart nation is today's reality. It’s not a question of “if” but “when”, so start as soon as you can,” he added.

About SMEs Go Digital programme for the real estate agency industry 

The Council for Estate Agencies  has partnered the Infocomm Media Development Authority  and Enterprise Singapore  to introduce new pre-approved digital solutions for the real estate agency industry as part of the SMEs Go Digital programme

This aims to help property agencies, especially the small and medium-sized agencies, use digital technologies and build stronger digital capabilities to raise productivity, with funding support from the Productivity Solutions Grant.

There are two types of pre-approved digital solutions available, namely, solutions which are specific to the real estate agency industry (known as sector-specific solutions) and generic solutions that cut across industries. Both types of digital solutions can be adopted by eligible EAs. 

Visit GoBusiness to access the list of pre-approved digital solutions for the real estate agency industry, and identify relevant digital solutions that best suit your business needs. 



Information accurate as at 27 October 2021

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