Enhancing user experience with ACEAS

Enhancements to ACEAS

Jan 2024 - 3 min read

In 2021, CEA replaced its licensing and registration system, Estate Agencies System (EAS), with the Advanced CEA Estate Agencies System (ACEAS). This was aligned with the Government’s Public Sector Transformation Strategies to work smarter and better through technology, and deliver integrated services seamlessly to the public.

In particular, ACEAS enabled faster processing and approval of all applications for estate agents’ (EAs) licences and real estate salespersons’ (RESs) registrations. It also enabled e-payment for applications submitted using our e-services.

Launch of ACEAS

When ACEAS was first launched, the new system capabilities and improved user interface provided an enhanced user experience in the following ways:

a. Faster processing time. EAs and RESs received the outcome of their renewal applications in two to three weeks, compared to four to six weeks previously, for applications that met all the eligibility requirements.

b. Immediate reflection of records on the CEA Public Register. Upon approval, the validity periods of the renewed EA licences and RES registrations will be reflected immediately on the records of the EAs and RESs respectively in the CEA Public Register.

c. Easy check on renewal requirements. One-stop dashboard for RES to view the status of their CPF MediSave contribution and CPD fulfilment.

d. Timely notifications on application statuses. ACEAS will send email notifications at the following key stages of the application process:

i. When an RES has submitted the application to the EA.

ii. When an EA has submitted the application to CEA.

iii. If CEA has returned the application to an EA for amendment or clarification.

iv. When CEA has approved the application.

ACEAS enhancements

In 2022, the following improvements were made to the application process and e-payment modes in ACEAS:

a. Time savings to submit applications. With auto-population of data fields from MyInfo and ACEAS profiles of EAs and RESs, users saved about five minutes for every application form submitted. ACEAS also retrieved the professional indemnity insurance details from the insurance brokers and pre-filled the information in the EA’s renewal application form.

b. Display of RES details in dashboard. An RES will be able to see his/her registration details (EA name and licence number, registration validity date, RES registration number) at one glance in his/her dashboard.

As ACEAS moved into its third year of operation, we continued to enhance ACEAS and improve the user experience based on the feedback received from EAs and RESs.

The enhancements in 2023 included:

a. Dedicated renewal banner for Directors/Partners. This allowed directors/partners of EAs to access and submit their renewal application(s) directly from their dashboard.

Director partner renewal banner

b. Export button for RES applications and RES listings. EAs can download the list of their RESs’ renewal applications for monitoring and checks by clicking the export button.

Renewal applications

CEA will continue to refine ACEAS to further improve user experience and the annual renewal exercises ahead. 

Information accurate as at 31 January 2024

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