CPD Guidelines for Estate Agents and Salespersons

KEOs have the responsibility to ensure that their salespersons comply with the regulatory requirements of the CPD scheme. As CEA will not be approving CPD courses under Generic Competencies, KEOs will need to assess the relevance of activities undertaken by their salespersons and make sure that they are in line with CEA's requirements.

Responsibilities of KEOs

In summary, KEOs are required to:

  1. Communicate to their salespersons that they need to achieve a minimum of six CPD credits per CPD cycle. The six CPD credits must comprise four CPD credits from courses related to Professional Competencies and two CPD credits from courses related to Generic Competencies.
  2. Communicate to their salespersons that courses under Professional Competencies are recognised only if prior approval has been given by CEA.
  3. Assess and approve the number of CPD credits for courses under Generic Competencies based on CEA's guidelines and update the necessary information into CEA's My CPD Portal.

CEA will conduct random audit checks on estate agents to ensure compliance with the CPD Scheme.

CPD cycle

Each CPD cycle spans one year, from 1 October of the previous year to 30 September of the current year. For example, the 2021 CPD cycle will start from 1 October 2020 and end on 30 September 2021. 

New Salespersons are exempted from CPD requirement for the first CPD cycle but will need to comply with the CPD requirement for the next and subsequent CPD cycles.

For KEOs/Practising Directors and Partners/Salespersons who leave the industry, he or she will be required to fulfil the following requirement:

KEOs, Practising Directors/ Partners and Salespersons Who: CPD / Exam Requirements
Left the industry for up to 2 years

Required to fulfil:


  • The same number of CPD credits as if the salesperson did not leave the industry; and
  • The credits for the current year CPD cycle if the registration application is submitted on and after 1 Jan.

CPD requirements to fulfil before applying for registration = A + B

A = Outstanding CPD requirements from the past CPD cycles*

B = CPD requirements for current year CPD cycle (for registration application submitted on and after 1 Jan)

Left the industry for more than 2 years Required to pass the RES/REA examination, where applicable.

* Former salespersons are required to fulfil all outstanding CPD credits for past and current CPD cycles (minimum of 6 credits per cycle), before applying for registration.

Please refer to the list of relevant CPD documents for reference: