CPD Guidelines for Estate Agents and Salespersons

KEOs have the responsibility to ensure that their salespersons comply with the regulatory requirements of the CPD scheme. As CEA will not be approving non-core CPD activities, KEOs will need to assess the relevance of activities undertaken by their salespersons and make sure that their non-core CPD hours are in line with CEA's requirements.

Responsibilities of KEOs

In summary, KEOs are required to:

  1. Communicate to salespersons on the regulatory requirements under the CPD Scheme;
  2. Monitor salespersons' compliance with CPD requirements and keep track of their CPD attendance hours throughout the year;
  3. Keep proper internal systems of record keeping for salespersons' CPD activities and hours;
  4. Assess the number of CPD hours for non-core subjects based on CEA's guidelines, if CPD hours are not determined by Activity Providers;
  5. Update salespersons' CPD records via the Industry E-Service.

CEA will conduct random audit checks on estate agents to ensure compliance with the CPD Scheme.

CPD cycle

Each CPD cycle spans one year. The CPD cycle for the current year starts from 1 October of the preceding year and ends on 30 September of the current year. E.g. 2014 CPD cycle starts from 1 Oct 2013 and ends on 30 Sep 2014.

New Salespersons are exempted from CPD requirement for the first CPD cycle but will need to comply with the CPD requirement for the next and subsequent CPD cycles.

For KEOs/Practising Directors and Partners/Salespersons who leave the industry, he or she will be required to fulfil the following requirement:

KEOs/Practising Directors and Partners/Salespersons Who: CPD / Exam Requirements
Leave the industry for up to 2 years Required to fulfil same number of CPD hours as if the salesperson did not leave the industry, before applying for registration*
Leave the industry for more than 2 years Required to take RES/REA course and pass the RES/REA examination

* In addition, if a former salesperson applies for registration in the last 3 months of a CPD cycle, he will be required to fulfil the current year's CPD requirement before submitting the application.

Please refer to the list of relevant CPD documents for reference:

CEA is currently updating the CPD guidelines for the new CPD framework. A new set of CPD guidelines will be introduced for use from 1 Oct 2019. 

Click here to find out more details on the new CPD Framework and CPD requirement fulfilment for 2018/2019 CPD cycle.

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