JAN / FEB 2016

PSM Highlights: Ascertaining the material facts and important information of the property

Sections 3.8.2 and 3.8.3 of the Professional Service Manual (PSM) provide advice to salespersons on ascertaining the material facts and important information of the property.

Section 3.8.2 states that before commencing to market the property, salespersons must ascertain the material facts and important information of the property with the vendors. This is to ensure that the correct factual information is communicated to prospective purchasers to aid in their decision making process.

Section 3.8.4 states that when asked by a purchaser or through his/her salesperson, the vendor’s salesperson shall find out from the vendor and convey to the purchaser or the purchaser’s salesperson material information on the property including but not limited to the following:

  1. Loan shark harassment;
  2. Bankruptcy issues;
  3. Recent death from unnatural causes in the property;
  4. Divorce proceedings;
  5. Any defect that would materially affect the property value or its suitability to be used for the purpose for which it is being acquired as a dwelling;
  6. Unauthorised additions, structures, alterations or renovations;
  7. Whether any caveats have been lodged; and
  8. For HDB resale flats, the minimum occupation period.

Do look out for more snippets in future issues of CEAnergy. CEA would also like to encourage KEOs and their salespersons to attend CPD courses on the PSM, to familiarise themselves with the PSM provisions. The list of CPD courses on the PSM is available at CEA website.

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