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Richard Ong of ERA Realty

Richard Ong (right) with his manager, Advisory Group Division Director Mark Teo. (Image: Richard Ong)

When Mr Alan Khoo was looking to sell his second property in 2019, he turned to the trusted property agent who had successfully handled the sale of his first property two years earlier – Richard Ong of ERA Realty.

Division Director Richard Ong is a 15-year veteran of the real estate industry, and has been in ERA for the last 12 of those years. When it comes to service excellence, he believes in the three Cs – content, competence, and compassion – and he brought those attributes to his interaction with Mr Khoo.

After discussing with Mr Khoo about the property that he was looking to sell, Richard gathered information to demonstrate his understanding of the market and property. The content he researched included past transacted prices of the units in that development as well as land-value cost analysis. This enabled Richard to offer a comparison of the other property transactions in the same area, with the aim of helping his client make a more informed decision about the sale of his property.

“Richard did his homework so well that he provided information about my property that I didn’t even know, despite having stayed there for 12 years!” said Mr Khoo.

Richard demonstrated his competence by drawing on varied skillsets acquired from over a decade of working in the industry. He knew that digitally-savvy clients like Mr Khoo would expect prompt responses, even though Mr Khoo was out of town while the property was being marketed. He kept in constant contact with Mr Khoo through his son, who was acting as Mr Khoo’s proxy, and via a group chat with Mr Khoo and his family over WhatsApp.

Richard’s commitment to transparency was evident in his constant stream of screenshots of his conversations with potential buyers posted to the Whatsapp group chat so that Mr Khoo and his family could stay abreast of the status of the transaction.

Beyond interactions through the digital space, Richard also understood the importance of face-to-face meetings in offering that personal touch to what can sometimes seem like a daunting task. He met with Mr Khoo and his family in person to discuss their needs and goals, and to provide that reassuring presence when advising them on the process.

“Richard ran a few open houses, and managed to secure a genuine buyer for my property. In addition, with his experience and resourcefulness, he found a resale flat that met all of my needs, and in such a short time too. And all these happened while I was overseas! He really did a fantastic job,” said Mr Khoo.

Richard believes that compassion is the most important aspect of client relations – empathising with their financial situation, and being sincere and respectful of potential sensitivities – so that you can provide the right information and achieve the best possible outcome.

“I have a ‘four-way test’ that I apply to all of my client interactions. I want to ensure that every interaction reflects truth, fairness, builds goodwill, and is mutually beneficial for all,” said Richard.

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