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Contest questions for the 2016 year-end issue

Hint: All answers can be found in this issue's articles.

  1. Property agents can only handle certain monies. Name any three of such monies and the transaction type.
  2. True or False: A property agent can act for both the buyer/tenant and seller/landlord in the same transaction and receive commission from both parties?
  3. Name the online portal you can use to check the allowed uses for shophouse units.

Know the answers? Send them to by 27 January 2017, 11.59 pm. You must be a CEAnergy subscriber to participate.

Indicate clearly what your answer is for each question.

E.g. Q1: <Answer>

All entries must include :

  • Your name (as indicated in NRIC)
  • NRIC number/CEA registration number (if industry professional)
  • Email address
  • Contact number

Answer all the questions correctly and you could win $30 worth of shopping vouchers! By participating in this contest, you are deemed to have agreed to our contest rules and regulations.