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Bouquets for property agents

Putting the clients’ interests as their first priority earns praise for agents Jeffrey Heng and Elaine Chia from ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd, and Louiis Ignatius Tan from OneHome Property Pte Ltd.

CEAnergy talks to the agents to find out what drives them to deliver the best service for their clients.

Jeffrey Heng and Elaine Chia

Compliments from clients

Jeffrey Heng and Elaine Chia of ERA Realty Network believe in serving their clients with sincerity and integrity.

Jeremy Pong & Eenar Lim (Bought a home in Simei)

“Jeffrey and Elaine were very helpful and resourceful in resolving our needs. They helped us a lot by getting a very good buying price with good negotiation skills…They impressed us with their sincerity and hard work, always making an effort to answer all our questions promptly. This has helped us to make a more informed decision.”

Vadi & Stephanie (Bought a Jurong West home)

“There was never any sense of pressure or obligation. They were always polite and patient, and did their best to accommodate our schedules. They were available 24/7 to answer our queries and that gave us a sense of satisfaction.”

Soh and family (Sold a home and bought another)

“During each phase of selling and buying a house, they provided useful insights, effective showing, and proactive facilitation during negotiation. They accomplished the tasks with a noticeable degree of integrity, competence, patience, and grace.”

What is the most important lesson you have learnt as an agent?

Jeffrey: One of the most important lessons will be understanding the clients’ needs. I had a client who was retrenched and wanted to sell off his five-room HDB flat to pay up debts. We did financial calculations for him and found out that he would be left with little cash after the sale.

We then advised him to rent out his HDB flat instead of selling it. He went to stay with his sister and rented out his unit at $2,500 per month. He eventually paid off his debts. We could have earned a higher commission by selling his home but we did not.

At the end of the day, our client was happy with the outcome. We earned his trust and we have since become friends.

Elaine: I abide by the same principle - whatever we do for our clients, it's their interests that matter most. When we have this in our minds, the rest of our real estate journey will be a pleasure ride. I have many clients who come back to me to sell their property when they wished to move/upgrade after a few years.

What motivates you to continue in this industry?

Jeffrey: You must serve with sincerity and integrity, with clients’ interest at heart. You would have gained a friend for life.

Elaine: I enjoy being with my clients on their quest for a move or upgrade. The encouragement that I receive from them is priceless. It is a rewarding job in this aspect.

Have you encountered any challenging cases?

Jeffrey: An elderly couple wanted to sell their unit but just before the first appointment with HDB, the wife went into a coma and could not turn up for the appointment. The first appointment had to be postponed. It was extremely stressful period for the sellers and buyers, but as agents, we had to cushion the stress that our clients had to go through. I tried my best to comfort and reassure the buyer, and at the same time liaise with HDB.

Luckily, after two months, we could proceed with the sale of the unit and everything went smoothly. The sigh of relief from the sellers and the smiles on the buyer's face was indeed priceless. It is really important to make the transactions a stress-free one for our clients.

What do you think are the most important things to note as an agent?

Elaine: Real estate agency work is a people business, we need to know how to treat people with sincerity. We used to have buyers who wanted to bribe us with ang pows to agree on a lower selling price for our client, but we did not accept and still worked on getting the highest possible price for our client. The interest of our clients is of utmost importance to us.

Louiis Ignatius Tan

Compliments from clients

Love and passion for the job is what keeps Louiis Ignatius Tan of OneHome Property going in this industry.

Choo Kim Shan (Leased his condominium unit)

“I’m used to dealing with agents but Louiis struck me as no ordinary agent. He took the trouble to update me on the current market conditions and shared how they would market my unit differently…True enough, he was able to close the deal within a week, at a higher price, and a better tenant. His team went the extra mile for both the landlord and tenant. I'm impressed with Louiis and his team for doing an outstanding job, not only in closing the lease, but also in communicating, unmatched in my opinion.”

Mrs Lim (Rented a condominium unit)

“I had a pleasant experience dealing with Louiis. I greatly appreciate the professional manner in which he handled the rental of our choice unit. I was especially impressed by the speedy closure of the rental. In addition, I wish to highlight that he had taken into consideration our perspective and the landlord’s in ensuring a win-win for both parties. As such, we were able to arrive at aspeedy and cordial closure of the rental. It will be a big boost to the industry to have more of such agents.”

What is the most important lesson you have learnt as an agent?

Louiis Ignatius: Customer satisfaction is important, to see them happy with my service is my best reward. Of course, you can’t expect every customer to be appreciative of what you’ve done, a fraction of those happy with you will open more doors to referrals.

What motivates you to continue in this industry?

Louiis Ignatius: It’s the love and passion for the job…I see progress in myself, from an agent 18 years ago to a team leader, and to a trainer. As long as you put your heart and soul into your career, you can progress in the real estate agency sector.

Have you encountered any challenging cases?

Louiis Ignatius: The challenge is to weather the ups and downs of market conditions. During these times, we just need to stay focused and believe in ourselves that we can do it. We should have a "never give up" attitude and persevere in what we should be doing. We should bear in mind that the market situation is not up to our control. However, if we press on in what we are doing, we will eventually start harvesting once the market turns around.

What do you think are the most important things to note as an agent?

Louiis Ignatius: When you serve customers, you must put your heart and soul into it. Some agents are afraid to lose their clients, always thinking that if they don’t close the deal, they won’t get their service fees. In some instances, they might refrain from telling their clients certain things. I don’t think this should be the case. We should always keep them updated of the whole process and leave the decision-making to them. Agents must also be knowledgeable and stay updated of the rules and regulations of the respective authorities and understand the needs of clients.

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