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Service with excellence

Providing excellent customer service is a priority for all of us at CEA.
Firdhaus (top) and Kelvin receiving their awards from Head of Civil Service Mr Peter Ong (Photo: PSD Singapore Facebook)

Three of our colleagues Mohammad Firdhaus, Kelvin Tan, and Kasturi Somu recently received awards for their outstanding service. We are proud to share their exemplary stories!

Exemplary middle manager

In recognition of his role of leading a team of officers to improve CEA’s customer service processes, Firdhaus won the inaugural PS21 Star Service Manager Award.

Firdhaus engendered a service-oriented and learning culture within the team that resulted in a high level of morale and performance standards among his team members.

Ever since he took over the role of managing CEA’s frontline operations in January 2016, Firdhaus has initiated several improvements to CEA’s service delivery capabilities for managing feedback and complaints. These include streamlining the workflow and introducing a tracking system to ensure that all feedback and complaints are handled efficiently.

With the implementation of new work processes, Firdhaus had to ensure that his team was ready for the changes. To prepare them, he shared management’s guidance with team members regularly and explained how their work contributed to the organisation’s goals. He also identified their strengths and weaknesses, and worked on building their confidence levels.

Even as the new work flow was rolled out, Firdhaus continued to look at ways to improve processes. He also demonstrated his endeavour to continually enhance the customers’ experience when he was involved in improving two other service touch points - phone calls and CEA’s website.

Firdhaus is honoured to receive the award and credits his achievement to the support from his team and supervisors. He adds that having the opportunity to continue to learn and improve keeps him going.

“Continuous positive self-talk and optimism about my career gives me the support that I need to win over internal and external customers.”

Committed to providing excellent service

Going the extra mile for customers comes naturally for Kelvin, who won the PS21 Star Service Award this year for the excellent service he rendered to customers.

Kelvin has been with CEA for six years and has won several service awards previously.

“Since the day I stepped into CEA, I conduct myself professionally and provide service with a heart to the public and our stakeholders. I am happy that my consistency in providing excellent service to our stakeholders is being recognised.”

Kelvin’s commitment to providing excellent service impressed a property agent when he helped resolve issues she faced in fulfilling her Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit hours.

The agent had left the industry and intended to submit a new application for registration. However, as she was overseas for an extended period of time, she was not able to fulfil the required credit hours.

Prior to the registration renewal in October last year, the agent was in Singapore for a week and wanted to complete the required training within the short timeframe. Kelvin not only helped her to gather the necessary information from the CPD course directory, he also proposed CPD courses and dates that suited her schedule.

The agent managed to register for the courses while she was overseas and flew back to Singapore to attend the courses. Upon successfully obtaining her registration, the agent wrote a letter to CEA to compliment Kelvin for the great service he rendered.

Kelvin acknowledges that it is always a challenge to handle customers. There were instances when he received snide remarks and comments when he was unable to accede to their requests. However, he takes it in his stride and is committed to doing the best he can.

“This award means a lot to me as it shows that my hard work and efforts are being recognised. It will spur me to provide greater service during my career in the public service.”

Advocate of the “no wrong door” policy

Kasturi sharing her experiences with President Tony Tan at the Istana.

Another of our service stars is Kasturi, who was the recipient of the Excellent Service Award (Silver) 2016 conferred by SPRING Singapore.

In her six years with CEA, Kasturi has received several compliments for her excellent service.

A property agent once enquired on the courses he could attend using the SkillsFuture Credits.

Instead of directing the agent to seek advice from his company as he should have done, Kasturi went ahead to advise him accordingly. The agent was appreciative and described Kasturi as being “very helpful and straight to the point”.

To Kasturi, it is important to show patience and understanding towards customers, and they will in turn reciprocate and be appreciative of her services.

When asked what keeps her going, Kasturi said, “It’s the satisfaction of helping someone, and knowing that they appreciate or are satisfied with my service. Having a great team helps as well.”

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