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Contest questions for the 2/2017 issue

The Read & Win Contest for the 2/2017 issue of CEAnergy is now open till 31 July 2017, 11.59pm. You must be a CEAnergy subscriber to participate.

  1. True or False: Commission payments should be made to the property agent and not the property agency.
  2. Which of these statements are true? (You may select more than one)
    • Property agents may use phrases such as “already co-broke” and “no agents” in advertisements placed on behalf of their clients.
    • Property agents must declare any conflicts of interest to their clients in writing.
    • Property agents representing a client may handle paperwork for the other party who has not engaged an agent. However, they must have their client’s consent and be paid for this service.
    • Property agents may refer their clients to licensed moneylenders.
  3. Name the document that should be signed to formalise the contract between a property agency and client.

Answer all the questions correctly in our online contest and you could win $30 worth of shopping vouchers! By participating in this contest, you are deemed to have agreed to our contest rules and regulations.

Hint: All answers can be found in this issue’s articles.

CEAnergy 1/2017 issue Read & Win Contest Answers and Winners

Here are the answers to our Read & Win Contest in the 1/2017 issue!

  1. True or False: Foreign developers cannot market their properties in Singapore unless they are licensed by the CEA.

    Answer: False

    Foreign developers and their staff can market their overseas property in Singapore and do not need to be licensed by the CEA. They are akin to individual property owners who are selling their own properties. They are not acting as intermediaries between buyers and sellers.

  2. Consumers can search for information on a property agent using CEA’s Public Register. The details of a property agent on his/her individual profile list the following information (Select all that apply):
    • Agent’s name
    • Agent’s photograph
    • Agent’s CEA registration number
    • Agent’s phone number
    • Property agency that the agent belongs to
    • Property agency’s CEA licence number
  3. Name the portal that allows you to access you property title(s) and boundary plan(s) for free.

    Answer: MyProperty

    Through the portal, you can view the information for the private properties and/or the HDB properties with digitised records registered in your name. This free service by the Singapore Land Authority also allows you to download the title documents and plans for your properties.

Congratulations to our five winners:

  • Lee Chee Keong SXXX0807A
  • Lim Kah Siong R057151F
  • Anna Lau Lee Min R057682H
  • Andrew Wong Ann Foo R031076C
  • Tan Hock Guan R014416B