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Bouquets for property agents

Gilbert Leong of Dennis Wee Realty

Dennis Wee Realty's Gilbert Leong works towards gaining the trust of clients and fellow agents he works with. (Photo: Gilbert Leong)

As the saying goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Gilbert Leong of Dennis Wee Realty helps his clients understand their needs. He explained that with the internet, buyers may find properties that they’re interested in faster than the agent.

Hence, he sets out to educate his clients on how they can be savvy home hunters, understanding how they can go about identifying attributes of a good home, determining whether the property fulfils their requirements, thereafter considering the pricing.

It was because of this that one of Gilbert’s clients found his dream first home on his own, with Gilbert assisting to just close the transaction.

Mr Wang Liang Ping, shared his experience with CEAnergy on engaging Gilbert to buy his first property.

Mr Wang was looking for a family home in Pasir Ris. Rather than bringing Mr Wang and his wife to view properties that he thought would be suitable for them, Gilbert brought them to view different types of properties.

Gilbert’s aim was to set them thinking about their own needs - whether they preferred a HDB flat or a private property. Mr Wang eventually found an executive apartment on his own and Gilbert assisted him in completing the transaction.

“Gilbert shared the key attributes to a good home and the pitfalls to look out for. He probed us further to ensure that we, as potential property owners, will make the right decision. His professionalism, extensive knowledge, and deep connection helped us own a HDB flat that we now call home,” said Mr Wang.

Gilbert has been in the real estate agency industry for 13 years. He believes that the ability to manage people is key to being a successful agent.

“I don’t focus on closing the deal. Whether it’s my client, or an agent I co-broke with, I work towards gaining their trust. Even if I do not close the deal, they may refer friends to me in future,” he added.

Reflecting on his journey thus far, Gilbert said that his ever-changing roles - from an agent, to a manager, a trainer, and then a coach - motivate him to continue.

“In every role that I perform, I aim to do it well, and as long as I give my 100 per cent, I have a sense of satisfaction.”

Wilfred Chua of WJ Lloyds Properties

Wilfred Chua of WJ Lloyds Properties says that some of his clients have become his lifelong friends. (Photo: Wilfred Chua)

A property agent that “gives himself more work”. That was how Wilfred Chua of WJ Lloyds Properties impressed his client with his commitment to provide better service.

Mr Sean Sonni engaged Wilfred to assist in renting a property when he was posted to Singapore from May 2015 to December 2016. Describing Wilfred as the “best agent” he has ever had, Mr Sonni said that he first got to know about Wilfred through his colleague.

He shared that Wilfred had found him an apartment after one round of viewing, but chose to bring him to view more properties that were better suited to his family’s needs.

“He is the first agent I have ever dealt with that would give himself more work when he’s so close to inking a deal.”

Mr Sonni added that Wilfred continued to service them during the tenancy period. He kept them informed of the rules and regulations, and would respond to issues promptly. He also helped them sort things out when Mr Sonni’s family moved out.

“I just want to let you know what an extraordinary person Wilfred is and how incredibly helpful he was,” said Mr Sonni.

Wilfred has been in the real estate agency industry for 23 years. After he completed his national service, he knew that this would be his lifelong career. He started his own property agency at the age of 24 and never once thought of switching careers.

As an agent, Wilfred reminds himself to constantly PROVIDE. By that, it means Perseverance pays, to Respect all, Organise efficiently, Value add to his clients, place Integrity first, maintain Discipline, and always Excel.

An important lesson that Wilfred has learned after all these years is to treat everyone with the same respect that he wants to be treated. He recalled helping a client purchase a condominium unit when she was ignored by other agents because she did not look like someone who could afford a unit.

Reflecting on what motivates him to continue, Wilfred said, “My passion for real estate and a supportive family keep me going. I love meeting new people from all walks of life and the satisfaction that I get when my clients appreciate what I have done for them. Some of my clients have become lifelong friends.”

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