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Boosting knowledge on green buildings

Property agents will soon be able to learn more about the features and benefits of certified green buildings. (Photo: City Developments Limited)

A Memorandum of Understanding has been inked between the Singapore Estate Agents Association (SEAA) and the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC). It marks the start of a new collaboration to help real estate agents learn more about the features and benefits of certified eco-friendly, or green buildings, in order to serve their clients better.

SGBC President Mr Chia Ngiang Hong (2nd from left) and SEAA Immediate Past President Mr Michael Tan (2nd from right) at the signing ceremony. The event was witnessed by BCA's Mr Tan Tian Chong (far left) and CEA's Mr Chan Mun Kit (far right). (Photo: SEAA)

At the signing ceremony, SEAA Immediate Past President Michael Tan shared that the new partnership is in tandem with Singapore’s vision to become a greener and more sustainable city.

Energy savings, comfort, and health are just some of the benefits that eco-friendly buildings can offer occupants. (Photo: CapitaLand)

With a goal set by the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development to have 80 per cent of buildings in Singapore certified green come 2030, “it is crucial that our agents equip themselves with the relevant knowledge so that they can meet the needs of the growing pool of clients transacting or renting units in green-certified buildings,” said Mr Tan.

One of the key activities in the pipeline under the partnership is the development of Continuing Professional Development courses for property agents. SEAA and SGBC will also co-organise other educational initiatives for both the industry and public to convey the merits of green buildings. More details will be announced later.

Greening buildings in our built landscape go beyond environmental reasons. SGBC President Chia Ngiang Hong said that a growing body of research is showing that energy savings, comfort, and health are but just some of the benefits that eco-friendly buildings can offer occupants. For example, a unit fitted out with green materials will naturally emit lower concentrations of toxic substances, giving occupants a better living environment.

“As a part of the building and construction value chain, SGBC advocates for sustainable building design and technology in both new buildings and existing ones. This translates to healthier, smarter buildings,” said Mr Chia.

With the government promoting a more sustainable environment and consumers becoming more aware of and focusing on eco-friendly features in buildings, Mr Chia expressed confidence that the SEAA-SGBC partnership will have much value to offer.

“I believe that with our combined expertise, we will be able to bring greater benefits to the real estate and housing development sectors,” he added.

The signing was witnessed by Mr Tan Tian Chong, Deputy Managing Director, Built Environment Research and Innovation Institute, Building and Construction Authority, and Mr Chan Mun Kit, Deputy Executive Director, Council for Estate Agencies.