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“Sign with SingPass” feature to offer greater efficiency, productivity

In our November 2020 Tip of the Month, we shared about the new “Sign with SingPass” service that enables SingPass users to electronically sign contracts, agreements and other legal documents.

ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd is the first private company to use this service for the signing of tenancy agreements. Its “Sign with SingPass” beta version is ready and live for its salespersons and clients to use, and the estate agent is closely monitoring the process and backend procedures to ensure a smooth and efficient rollout. In addition, ERA will be conducting training sessions for its salespersons on this new feature, to familiarise them with the procedures and advocate take-up.

“Our salespersons handling tenancy transactions are amongst the early adopters of ‘Sign with SingPass’. Now, they do not need to run all over the place to obtain the wet ink signatures. They can facilitate the paperwork much more efficiently and productively,” says Mr Eugene Lim, Key Executive Officer, ERA.

Added benefits in terms of identity verification, potential time and cost savings

As part of their due diligence checks when handling rental transactions, salespersons are required to verify the identity of tenants i.e. the signatory of the tenancy agreement. With the “Sign with SingPass” service, a signature is encrypted and linked to the signee, whose identity is automatically validated against the Government’s database at the point of signing. ERA says that this gives salespersons the assurance that the signatory of the tenancy agreement is indeed the tenant.

The estate agent further points out another benefit of the “Sign with SingPass” service - it allows salespersons and consumers to quickly and efficiently complete the paperwork as digital forms can be sent over instantly. This can potentially help salespersons save travelling time and courier costs, especially in cases where there is a party to the rental transaction who is overseas.

Explaining its philosophy in embracing digitalisation, the estate agent said that “ERA” is an acronym for Electronic Realty Associates. The brand started in the United States in 1972 and was the first company then to use the most advanced fax machine of that time to send images and information of properties amongst its offices in various states that were serving relocation clients. Since then, ERA’s focus has always been to use and leverage technology to enhance the productivity, efficiency, and professionalism of its salespersons.

By incorporating the “Sign with SingPass” service into its in-house iERA mobile app, ERA salespersons now have an enhanced on-the-go office tool to work with. They will be able to access real time property information, property analytics, property calculators, industry partners contacts, digital signatures and more. The estate agent hopes that this will further empower ERA salespersons to provide professional advice their clients to their very best.

Registering for “Sign with SingPass”

If you are a Key Executive Officer interested in incorporating "Sign with SingPass" into your digital services, do register at GovTech’s platform.

No payment is required to on-board the service, and companies must agree to and fulfil the terms of service.