Dear CEAnergy readers

We are pleased to present to you our first issue of CEAnergy for 2019.

As you would have noticed, we have done a little facelift to spruce up our homepage layout. We hope this makes it easier for readers to have a quick glance of the content we have lined up for you in the issue, and zoom in on stories that catch your attention first.

We are always striving for CEAnergy to be an engaging and relevant publication for industry professionals, and we trust that this little tweak (which arose from feedback received in our Readers’ Survey last year) will create a better experience for you.

We would also like to share that going forward, the stories in CEAnergy will be written for the real estate agency industry audience. This is in line with our vision for CEAnergy to serve the needs of property agencies and agents exclusively, by offering relevant, interesting and insightful articles on estate agency work matters.

Consumers can continue to receive tips and information from a dedicated section of our CEA website and the Happy Consumer microsite.

If you have more ideas on further improvements for CEAnergy – in terms of design or content – we look forward to receiving your suggestions here.

Happy reading!

The CEAnergy team

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