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Bouquet for a property agent

PropNex Realty’s Ken Tan said that it is only after connecting with clients and understanding their needs can agents customise detailed plans to provide value-added services. (Image: Ken Tan)

Ken Tan You Rui of PropNex Realty Pte Ltd

Before conducting an open house, Ken Tan You Rui of PropNex Realty Pte Ltd will visit his client’s neighbours and households in the area to inform them that there is a property for sale within the vicinity.

Ken shared with CEAnergy that this is a good way to build rapport with the residents in the neighbourhood and get referrals. He said, “They might have relatives, colleagues, or even friends who might be interested in the property that I am marketing and they can refer them to me.”

Ken’s friendly disposition has endeared him to his clients. One of his clients, Mr Uvaraja Muthuvelu was attracted to Ken’s cheerful personality and impressed with his charismatic delivery during a property viewing. He later decided to engage Ken to help him to sell his condominium unit located in the Changi area.

Ken managed to sell Mr Uvaraja’s condominium within two months although it was sited away from amenities. Mr Uvaraja praised Ken for being well-versed in his product knowledge and for keeping him updated on the progress of the sale. He said, “With his positive mind-set and attitude, (he) always assures me that my unit will be sold to the right buyer.”

Ken has been in the real estate agency industry since 2015. He decided to join the industry because he was interested in properties. His elder brother Nick Tan is a successful property agent and he aspires to be like his brother. While Ken’s journey to join the industry was not easy, he was determined to do so. He took 16 months and 10 attempts to pass the Real Estate Salesperson Examination.

Ken strongly believes in building trust with his clients. He said that only when clients trust him to serve in their best interests, would they engage him as their only agent to help them with their property transactions. He is gratified that he has many such clients.

His motto reflects his wish, “It’s not about being the best, but being the only one”.

He added, “An exclusive agreement shows the trust that the client has in the agent. I want to earn my clients’ trust.”

Ken sees his role as more than just helping his clients to purchase or sell a property. He goes the extra mile to provide value-added services to his clients. It could be advising his client on what other properties the client could invest in, planning a Sales and Purchase timeline to lead to a successful transaction quickly, updating clients with property related news, or visiting show flats to gather ideas on how his clients can design their dream homes.

“I do not sell homes, I sell dreams. It is about helping my client to find his dream home.”

Ken had the privilege of helping his polytechnic lecturer to sell his landed property and purchase a HDB flat. Back then, he arranged for an open house and managed to sell the property in a day. It is one of the property transactions that he remembers fondly.

“It feels awesome to be able to handle my lecturer’s biggest asset and thereafter assist him on his next property purchase.”

Ken recounted a challenging property transaction that he handled. He was helping a client to sell his four-room flat in the western region. The flat was located on a high storey and the block was near to the MRT station. Two potential buyers made separate offers to purchase his client’s flat on the same day at the same time.

After discussing with the buyers’ property agents, they conducted a closed bid for the unit to determine the ultimate buyer. He explained that conducting a closed bid was more ideal as it ensured that both buyers had an equal chance to purchase the unit.

Ken has also been harnessing technology to better meet his clients’ needs. He uses online property portals and property apps to market his clients’ properties. He recently bought a drone to record videos of new development project sites. In this way, his clients can find out about the surrounding amenities of the project without needing to visit the actual location.

Reflecting on his work so far, Ken said, “It is important to connect with our clients and understand their needs and wants. Only after understanding their needs will we be able to customise a detailed plan to provide them with value-added services.”