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New industry updates and resources

  1. Higher CPF housing grants for first-timers buying HDB resale flats

    If you have clients who are looking at buying HDB resale flats for the first time, do share with them that they may be eligible for additional CPF housing grants!

    Image: Housing & Development Board

    These enhancements were announced by Minister for Finance, Mr Heng Swee Keat, during the Budget Statement in Parliament on 20 February 2017. They build on the Government’s existing efforts to provide more affordable housing options to homebuyers.

    Check out HDB’s media release and website for more details!

  2. Leverage government grant to better protect your customers’ personal data

    Since the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) came into effect, organisations have to comply with regulations governing the collection, use, disclosure, and care of customers' and employees' personal data.

    Why it is beneficial for organisations to protect personal data

    Businesses that adopt good personal data practices yield a competitive advantage as they instil accountability in their business processes, thereby increasing customers' confidence in them. Other reasons to protect personal data are:

    (Image: Personal Data Protection Commission)

    Use SPRING Singapore's Capability Development Grant to defray costs

    Property agencies can approach third-party providers for solutions and consultancy services to strengthen their data management framework and mitigate risks of unintended personal data disclosure.

    You can apply for SPRING Singapore's Capability Development Grant to defray up to 70 per cent of the costs for consultancy and training, assessments and audits, and software adoption.

    Visit PDPC's website for more information on the grant and other available resources.

    Always check against the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry before sending marketing material

    As members of the public can choose to opt in or out of the DNC Registry at any time, property agencies and agents must always check against the DNC Registry before sending out marketing messages.

    If you are engaging a third-party service provider to help check the DNC Registry on your behalf or to provide the customer lists, one of the commonly-encountered problems is the use of outdated DNC lists.

    To prevent this problem from arising, insert a clause in your contract with your service provider that they must always provide updated DNC lists.

  3. Free access to property titles via MyProperty portal

    Good news! Your clients can now access their property title and boundary plans for free, simply by logging in with their SingPass to the MyProperty portal by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

    Currently, only private property titles and HDB titles that have been digitised can be found.

    SLA will be adding more services to the portal to provide greater convenience to property owners:

    • DIY online update of personal data such as address for serving of notices
    • Online alerts to property owners of any document lodged against their property title
    • Viewing of other records including caveat and mortgage documents

    Visit the MyProperty portal to check out the other useful features that your client can use.