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Bouquet for a property agent

Credit: Huttons Asia

“Tough times don't last, tough people do.”

This is the adage Cherlyn Loke, Senior Associate Marketing Manager at Huttons Asia Pte Ltd, always bears in mind to stay positive. This positivity is truly evident and flows through in the way that she relates to her clients, manages issues, and delivers solutions that have earned her the thumbs-up from clients.

One of Cherlyn’s clients, Mr Phua, wrote to share his experience when he engaged her to assist in the rental of his property. Complimenting Cherlyn for being a “wonderful agent” who embodied “what a professional property agent should be like”, Mr Phua said that he first got to know about her while searching for “top rating property agents” online. He told us that she was able to secure him a tenant in just two days after he had engaged her services.

Unfortunately, the tenant backed out. Undeterred, Cherlyn continued to search for another tenant. Several days later, she arranged four viewings at Mr Phua’s property. Much to Mr Phua’s delight, Cherlyn was able to secure a tenant within the same day. Said Mr Phua, “One will be amazed by Cherlyn’s service and professionalism. I am so grateful and happy to have engaged her services. She is an asset to the company.”

Cherlyn has been with Huttons for four years. Even before she clinched her degree in marketing, she knew that her passion and career path would be in real estate. Today, Cherlyn considers residential leasing as one of her specialities.

“I was able to secure Mr Phua a suitable tenant in the best possible time as I reached out to various marketing channels, the strong network of internal co-broking system within Huttons, and the relocation agents whom I work closely with,” Cherlyn told CEAnergy.

“I always work towards achieving a fair deal for both owners and tenants within the best possible time. My strategy in achieving this is to ensure that I am at the forefront of new marketing techniques and be in the midst of the vibrant property marketing scene,” she added.

Cherlyn is keenly aware that the property market scene is changing, with more consumers opting to manage their property transactions on their own. However, she felt that property agents can still stay relevant and ahead of their game in several ways.

Firstly, agents should focus on putting client’s interests first and go beyond the basics. “I believe in being customer-centric. Clients don't just buy a property. For many of them, it is a long-term investment. So I always try to understand their needs and offer solutions. If they want to rent their new property, I offer to help with the rental and any furnishing required,” said Cherlyn.

Secondly, agents should constantly upgrade their knowledge. Cherlyn said, “In real estate, one is best served by the professional who can help avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary delays. So I educate myself with past market trends and market cycles, current local and global trends, and law and regulations. These information are imperative when advising and assisting my clients.”

Finally, effective negotiation strategies are an absolute requirement for all agents. “There is nothing more delightful for a client than achieving his goals in the property purchase or sale. With good negotiation skills, agents are able to remove the emotional aspect of a transaction to negotiate a better deal for their clients on a clearer and more objective stand.”

Reflecting on how her journey has been since she joined the industry and what motivates her to continue giving her best, Cherlyn said, “The property market has its ups and downs and despite it not being an easy four years, my passion and determination has always pulled me through. The best reward comes when I assist my clients in securing their dream home and the satisfaction when they thank me after that. It spurs me to press on and do better for them.”

Cherlyn also credits her company for her success. “I am exceptionally grateful to my mentor Alex Ang. He showed me the ropes of this industry and today's results is the direct result of his mentorship. My group district director, Mary Tan, and the Huttons management have also shown me unparalleled support,” she said.

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