E-Learning For Ethical Advertising

E-Learning on CEA’s Practice Guidelines on Ethical Advertising

The objective of this E-Learning is to enable estate agents and salespersons to have a better understanding of CEA’s Practice Guidelines on Ethical Advertising through a scenario-based comic strip. Consumers may also find this informative when they engage salespersons for their property transactions.

Terms and Conditions of Usage

The E-Learning consists of 12 chapters and can be read in sequence or individually. The examples given in each chapter are purely for illustration purposes. The outcome or penalty shown in each chapter may not be applicable in any actual case as the outcome or penalty imposed are based on the actual facts and circumstances of each particular case.

CEA retains all ownership rights and no part of the content may be used, reproduced, displayed or performed in any way or in any place for any commercial purpose without the written consent of CEA.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the contents are accurate and relevant, CEA is not liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered in connection with, arising from, or in reliance on any error, omission, statement of misstatement contained in the whole or any part of this application.

Full details of the Practice Guidelines on Ethical Advertising can be found on CEA’s website.